Friday, June 24, 2011

Fruitful Friday?

Does a strawberry smoothie at Sturgis Falls count as a "Fruitful Friday?" Because Jay and I had 3 of them today.  Just sayin'....  We're out and about enjoying the most beautiful summer day we've had this year.  But I'm trying hard after several scoldings to get back on this bloggin' train - so see you Monday? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love: My Dad

I realized today that I didn’t get my dad a Father’s Day gift.  It’s 3 days past Father’s Day, and it just now hit me. I didn’t even remember a card – that’s really unlike me.  I’m usually the one on the ball with gift-giving for holidays and special occasions. My brother’s the one who shows up with a gift wrapped in the Walmart sack he just purchased it from.  Not me.

I spent Father’s Day with my dad at the site of my parent’s weekend cabin being built.  Although it’s only currently a big hole in the ground, it’s a place I see spending many future days.  I can’t wait for weekends watching my dad be a Grandpa and teach my kids to fish, swim, and hike through the woods.  The cabin can’t help but become a place full of memories.   

Of all the dads out there, I think mine’s pretty great (I think my mom is too, for the record, but it’s not Mother’s Day, now…is it?).  My dad is the kind of guy most people meet and instantly admire.  He’s genuine, hardworking, and has a heart for helping people. 
- - -
Every year on my birthday, my Grandma likes to call me early in the morning and tell me about the day I was born. Her favorite part of the story makes her cry, but the story’s not complete without telling it.

“And then your dad brought you out, all bundled up, and he leaned over and kissed your forehead and said ‘I’m always going to take care of you little girl, I’ll always love and protect you’ And he sure has, Kelsey, he sure has.”

It’s true, he has. 

Dad, you are a great many things to me.
(In no particular order)

Although stomping inside and pouting after you made me run after each ball I flung over your head might not seem like the best way to show my appreciation.  I did. I appreciated every game of catch, every softball practice, and every event you were present for on the sidelines. 

Financial Guru
You taught me from a young age that debt is a four-letter word in our household.  You stressed the importance of saving and opportunity cost (though you didn’t call it that at the time). But when it came time to enter the “real world” you gradually released my training wheels and let me ride – I’m not sure if I’d have stayed on two wheels if you’d had flung me out on my own without guidance.

The Voice of Reason
You’ve seen me run the gamut of emotions when it comes to making a decision or handling a situation.  In my most distressed and confused moments, I can call you and you know just the right thing to say.  You have a gentle way of presenting all sides of the story, and I always feel better after talking to you. 

A Handy Man
I hope by the time I’m old like you, (ha!) I know how to do a fraction of what you can. You’ve shown me that a little elbow grease goes a long way, and that I’m smart enough to figure out just about anything myself.  From our first project of transforming an old kitchen table to my little cottage that was a diamond in the rough – I learn so much working by your side.

Mr. Right-About-Everything
You are obnoxiously right about any topic we debate.  Do deer shed their antlers once a year?  That’s ridiculous.  But apparently true.  From trivial topics to serious stuff – your answer is always right.  And it annoys me!

A Giver
Although you’ve never gone right out and said it, you’ve made me believe my talents are a gift from God.  Your example has taught me to use my gifts to help others – in big ways and small. 

A Protector
Since I was a little girl, you’ve let me know I’m loved and watched over. I’ve always known I have two special angels in heaven taking extra care in what I do.  I know from time to time, you’ve called on them for reinforcements, and those beautiful angels have wrapped their wings around me.

A Father
As I’ve grown up, I can’t remember an important moment that you haven’t been a part of.  You’ll always be the reader of bedtime stories, and the one who taught me to ride a bike.  You’ll always be the one who had confidence in me, even when I couldn’t find it in myself. And you’ll always be the dad who calmed my nerves with a game of catch and father-daughter dance practice the night before my wedding day. 

Thank you Dad, for keeping your promise to your little girl.