Monday, December 17, 2012

Together - Our Story

Ours is the story of five broken people.  Incomplete without each other.  It's a story that crosses oceans, that breaks down language barriers, and brings five unlikely characters together as a family. 

I will be forever grateful for the wild ride that was this year. For the angels that restored my faith when I needed it the most.  For the man ever by my side, gripping my hand as we took this leap together.  And for the countless prayers that carried us to our "happily ever after."

Christmastime is different this year.  There is a sparkle of pure joy in our lives that I never knew was waiting for us halfway around the world.  I'm so glad it found us. 

So here's the story of our year.  Of five broken people.  Incomplete without each other.

 I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our journey home. 

(A HUGE thank you to my dad for putting together this video for us. Thanks for helping us keep these awesome memories.)