Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's been 50 days since we've seen the kids. And it... feels... like... an... eternity.

Can I speak from my heart for a moment?

I am constantly thinking of them.

What are they doing? Will they remember us? How will they react when we leave them again? How will I react when I leave them again? What will our first days together as a family be like? Have we lost our damn minds here? What's the Russian word for love? play? eat?

When I'm checking papers at school, I'm thinking about them.

When I'm driving in my car, I'm thinking about them.

When I'm walking the dog, I'm thinking about them. 

When I'm having a conversation with you, I'm probably thinking about them. Sorry about that.  

Every single night I look at their pictures, I watch their videos. It's my only way to see them.  It makes my heart ache and swell with joy all at once.

I can't share videos with you YET Blogland, but Miss Tech Savvy here figured out a way to give you another sneak peak at a moment we shared with one of our children.

This one's of the littlest Schmitzy.  She was the shyest of the three by far.  I don't blame her. I can't imagine what was going through her little mind when she was introduced to us.

However, when we visited on the second day we began to see some of her personality slowly shine through.

And just before we left, girlfriend gave her Mama the best gift of all.

A full-fledged belly laugh.  With a side of mischief, might I add.

So here ya go Blogland, my littlest daughter. With a belly laugh that makes me smile when I need it.