Monday, January 18, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

I've had the itch to go cross country skiing for a few weeks now. We haven't been able to go for various reasons, but finally had a chance to today. We've had that cool foggy weather that left everything with a layer of frost on top of it, which made conditions just beautiful!

Check out that trail - so pretty!

Jay says: "I"m gonna go down that little bitty hill."

Down he goes!


Are you going to get up?

Setting out together across the bridge

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday Jay and I decided to do our strength training at home rather than go to our regular Saturday classes. We have the same bands and everything, so we figured we could just do our regular workout together, but from the comfort of our own home. It'd be exactly the same - right?

Here is my attempt to work out my abducters and adducters. (Jay couldn't even snap the picture without Dottie licking his face...or in this case, the camera!)

Dottie and Maggie had different plans for me.

I ended up getting an extra ab workout from all of the laughing I did! I give up!

We DID end up finishing the workout, but not without some minor distractions. I think it's easier just to go to class!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Basement Buddies

Over Christmas break, we started a new project at our house. We are finishing our basement! I have to admit, I use the phrase "we" very loosely with this project, as I have had very little to do with it.

Sitting out of a house project is a new role for me, but I feel as though I have embraced this role as project supervisor quite well. I have given myself this title, and I have also decided that my responsibilities include design decision making, meal providing, dog supervision and distraction, and other valuable duties as needed.

As I supervise, Jay has taken over the construction work and pretty much everything else along with our fearless leader, my dad.

Hope you've enjoyed a few shots of the progress. They've got the walls framed up, and are currently working on plumbing and electrical. It actually looks quite different than when when these pictures were taken, but I will post updated pictures soon!