Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Bumblebee!

Dottie loves Halloween!!

Last year she was the hit of our costume party when she showed up as a dinosaur with a caveman on her back. She coordinated perfectly with our Fred and Wilma costumes.

She also helped me last year pass out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters. As wimpy as she is about most things, she was surprisingly not scared by the hundreds of children dressed in scary costumes.

Because of my conferences this week and my trip to Houston, we didn't know if she would dress up this year or not. But after a trip to the clearance rack at Target tonight, we decided she had better bust out another adorable costume. So she'll help Jay pass out candy tomorrow night while I'm at conferences.

Yes, many people think it's crazy that I will dress my dog. But seriously, you've gotta admit she's pretty cute - right?

Happy Halloween everyone!!
P.S. Friday I'll be flying to Houston to visit Barb. This is a picture I took outside of school for her because leaves don't turn pretty fall colors there. Can't wait, Boobra!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm happy to say I'm finally finished with my report cards! Woo hoo!!!

(I'm doing a little celebration dance...)

I've been spending most of my time the past couple of weeks knee-deep in papers, preparing for upcoming conferences. It's amazing to me that our district believes that giving us 4 hours some afternoon for "prep time" will truly prepare us for this event! (Oh well, that's how it goes.) Although it's a stressful part of my job, I enjoy taking the time to reflect on the progress the kids have made thus far. It's amazing how far they can come in a few short months.

Next week brings some long days and nights, but I'm really looking forward to meeting with their parents. Sometimes 20 minutes with a students parents can create some huge "aha" moments. The apple doesn't usually fall too far from the tree!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So...I haven't posted much lately. I think about blogging, I really do, but then I get stuck on what to write. I have ideas to post about, and I can't pick one. I always feel like my blog needs more of a purpose.

For example, I have this friend who has this super amazing blog. (No Jay, I'm not talking about you.) Even though she is fairly new to the blogging world, she seems to have completely mastered the art of it. She posts these stunning pictures, and tells cute stories about the everyday happenings of her life. Her photography, is, in a word: fabulous. I check her blog every day in hopes she has posted something! I'm so jealous.

I realized my blog needs more of a purpose, some direction. Any suggestions?